Goals and Objectives

According to the memorandum adopted on 23rd August 1996:

The Goals and Objectives of Association are:

a) To maintain professional, financial, social rights and privileges of members.

b) To maintain and develop salary, allowance, dignity, opportunity, social welfare and status of members.

c) To build and maintain proper communication between authority and members for securing all stakes of members.

d) To endeavor the development of the gradation of Registration Service.

e) To provide the job security of members. To ensure the terms and conditions of service and reserve other related rights

f) To take the legal action for securing legitimate and lawful rights and privileges of members.

g) To build welfare fund for the members and their dependent. To assist the members for their crisis situation and for their widow, children and other dependent after their death.

h) To assist member’s wife, children and dependent to secure their legitimate rights and privileges.

I) to recommend and request toward appropriate authority for the amendment of law and regulation as well as the development of governance related to this department.

j) To enhance the cooperation and solidarity among association members and to create fraternity relation and mentality of performance enhancing.

k) To maintain cooperation and solidarity with other similar professionals and their associations and to be united with these associations for developing professionalism and public service.

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