Activities of The Association

The Activities of Association:

a) To arrange and venture any kind of legal activities for acquiring legitimate demand of the members for overall developments and to submit memorandum at appropriate authorities.

b) To arrange conference and meeting for the decision making regarding any evolved situation and for the augment of cooperation.

c) To publish journal and periodical for the appeasement and enhancement of knowledge of the members.

d) To arrange picnic, sports program, cultural events for the athletic and cultural improvement of members and their dependents.

e) Association will associate with several government indicated pubic welfare activities such as tree plantation, environmental conservation, public education, family planning and resource development for the quest of national development.

f) This association will formulate program for assisting and cooperating the victims of famine, epidemic, drought and other natural disasters.

g) To take any other activities for achieving the goals and objectives of the association.

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